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Helping to keep our community safe.

Bellevue Public Safety Foundation

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Bonnie Knutson, President

Councilwoman Carol Blood, Vice President

Debra Wilcox, Secretary

Kevin Hensel, Treasurer

Nina Wolford

Christine Jurgens

Chief Mark Elbert

Roger Cox

Jim Ristow

Joseph Gibilisco

Senator Sue Crawford

Jon Costello

Jamie Molitor

Brian Koontz

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Dedicated to providing Bellevue Police, Fire & Rescue with the supplemental resources needed to enhance the quality of life of all Bellevue residents.

Our Mission


On June 8, 2015 the Bellevue Public Safety Foundation will be launching an effort to Honor, Celebrate and Support Bellevue's First Responders and the difficult job they face every day. Click on the "We Support" tab at the top of the page to learn more.


Upcoming events

The BPSF, in concert with both the Bellevue Police and Bellevue Fire & Rescue, identifies needed programs, equipment, and technology within the community and creates partnerships with local business, residents and community members to meet these needs.

The success of this foundation depends on the financial support given by our community at our various fundraisers that support our program of work. We are thankful to area businesses and Bellevue residents for their continued support of our foundation.

The Foundation is dedicated to providing the  Bellevue Police and Fire and & Rescue Departments with the supplemental resources needed to enhance the quality of life of all Bellevue residents and community members through its grant program.


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